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Spline Shafts

State: IL, PA, RI, WI
Country: Canada
  • Grainger Industrial Supply

    Grainger Industrial Supply is a distributor of industrial products. Available products include carbon steel spline shafts in diameters ranging from 4mm to 28mm and lengths from 100mm to 950mm.

    Lake Forest
    State: IL
  • Harvan Engineering

    Harvan Engineering is a custom machining and fabrication facility. Available products include custom manufactured spline shafts.

    State: ON
  • Ashley Ward, Inc

    Ashley Ward, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of screw machined parts. Products available include custom spline shafts made of materials such as hot and cold rolled steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass or bronze.

    State: OH
  • Grob, Inc.

    Grob, Inc. is a supplier of standard and custom cold rolled steel products. Available product offerings include standard spline shafts featuring outside diameters from .263 to 4.120 and root diameters from .233 to 3.880 and cord measurements from .057 to 1.086.

    State: WI
  • Stoffel Polygon Systems

    Stoffel Polygon Systems is a manufacturer of mechanical parts for prototypes and production applications. available products include spline shafts using proprietary manufacturing techniques.

    State: NY
  • Jerpbak Bayless Co.

    Jerpbak Bayless Co. is a custom machining facility. Available products include custom spline shafts designed to be used specifically for deep mining made of 4340 alloy steel featuring .0005" tolerances, 127" length and 1590 lbs weight.

    State: OH
  • MCF Industries

    MCF Industries is a manufacturer of machined components. Available products include spline shafts for power transmission applications.

    State: OH
  • The Adams Co.

    The Adams Co. is a manufacturer of precision gears and shafts. Products include custom steel spline shafts with outer diameters up to 5" and lengths to 8' as well as spline lengths to 48".

    State: IA
  • T.E.A. Machine Components

    T.E.A. Machine Components is a supplier of linear motion and power transmission products. Products available include spline shafts in metric sizes from 14mm to 48mm outer diameters sizes and a maximum length of 3000mm. Spline shafts are made of cold drawn unhardened 1045 steel or stainless steel.

    State: VA
  • Hub City, Inc.

    Hub City, Inc. is a supplier of power transmission products for military, recreation, construction, packaging and other applications. Available products include splined shafts in sizes from 5/8" to 2 1/8" and lengths from 6" to 10".

    State: PA
  • U.S. Axle, Inc

    U.S. Axle manufacturers axle, flanged, splined, precision ground, induction hardened, and deep case hardened shafts. Other products include cylinders, torsion bars, honed, threaded, precision and induction hardened tubes. Custom spline shafts are offered up to 130" in length and 3.75" in diameter.

    State: PA
  • Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft

    Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft is a ISO 9001 certified gear and shaft manufacturer offering spline shaft production up to 56" in length. Materials available include steel, stainless steel, bronze and aluminum.

    State: RI
  • Orlandi Gear Co

    Orlandi Gear Co. is a ISO 9001:200 certified manufacturer of gears, shafts, and couplings for industrial and commercial applications. Products available include spline shafts, keyed shafts, hydraulic pump shafts, spindle shafts, marine application shafts, power take-off, defense, aerospace, construction equipment and mining applications. shaft products offered are available in lengths up to 36".

    State: MI
  • Omni Gear & Machine Corp

    Omni Gear & Machine Corp. is a custom gear manufacturer. Products offered include spline shaft shafts in a variety of configurations for use in automotive and other applications.

    State: IL