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Helical Speed Reducers

State: IL, IN, NC, NY, OH
  • IPTS Inc

    IPTS produces a variety of helical speed reducers. Their Size AA will accept any AC or DC motor in a 56C frame and features 5/8" or 3/4" shaft sizes. Their sizes A-D are available in double or triple reduction ratios. The Ratio-Pak can be used as either a speed reducer or increaser.

    State: FL
  • Delroyd Worm Gear

    Delroyd's helical worm speed reducers feature ratios of 15:1 to 355:1, offer hollow and solid output shafts, are fan cooled, have C-face adaptors or Scoup motor mounts, and are available with either cast iron or steel housings.

    State: NY
  • Baldor-Dodge Reliance

    Dodge are manufacturers of a variety of helical speed reducers. Their Torque-Arm line offers Torque-Arm shaft mount, screw conveyor drive, and Hydroil shaft mount helical designs. The Quantis line features in-line, motorized shaft mount, and right angle helical bevel designs.

    Kings Mountain
    State: NC
  • Diequa

    DieQua are suppliers of Watt Drive helical bevel speed reducers and gearmotors. Features include two versions (Series K and C), from 0.16 to 120 HP, 5:1 to 8600:1 ratios, and 124,000 in-lbs torque.

    State: IL
  • Precipart Corporation

    Precipart offers speed reducers/increasers in helical, bevel, spur, worm and anti-backlash types. Applications include aerospace, medical, oil field, dental, actuators and scientific instruments.

    State: NY
  • Cleveland Gear Co.

    Cleveland Gear are producers of helical worm gear speed reducers in heavy duty (center distances from 13.4" to 36.0") single, double and multiple reduction, and fan cooled heavy duty (center distances from 13.4" to 36.0") single and double reduction designs.

    State: OH
  • Dorris Co

    Dorris offers right angle helical bevel speed reducers for grain elevator applications. These are hollow drive units featuring 200 hp and a 30:1 gear ratio.

    State: MI
  • Boston Gear

    Boston Gear helical speed reducers come in three series'. The 800 Series is designed for European applications. The 600 Series is a in-line design and comes in a broad selection. The 200 Series is a shaft mount design for horizontal and vertical applications.

    State: NC
  • Sterling Electric

    Sterling Electric offers helical in-line and helical bevel speed reducers. You can specify, via their product configurator, by input horsepower, frame size, construction material, and gear ratio.

    State: IN
  • Sumitomo Drive Technologies

    Sumitomo offers helical shaft mounted speed reducers. Options include CEMA screw conveyor drives and C-face adapters. Features include AGMA standard bore sizes in both bushed and through-bore.

    State: CA
  • MPT Drives, Inc

    MPT are distributors of helical, bevel, spur, pinion and worm gearing from Browning, Dalton, Linn, Martin, Union, Van Zeeland, and Moore Gear.

    State: MI