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State: CA, MA, MI, NJ, PA
  • Rush Gears Inc

    A producer of industrial gears, Rush Gears Inc. offers delrin and phenolic internal gears, along with helical gears, worm gear, and spur gears constructed from nylon and phenolic. The worm gears provide large speed ratios on short center distances from 1/4" to 11", while the spur gears operate on parallel shafts to transmit motion and power. The helical gears are furnished in a 45-degree helix angle and used in situations where velocities exceed 1000 feet per minute.

    State: PA
  • American Precision Gear Co.

    American Precision Gear Co. manufactures custom plastic, nylon, and delrin gears to tight tolerances up to 0.0001". Gear types include helical, miniature and medical device, ring, spur, and worm. Available in metric and inch sizes, the gears are used in the aerospace, defense, government, industrial, instrumentation, medical device, military, and oil and gas industries.

    State: CA
  • ThermalPlastic Design Inc

    ThermalPlastic Design Inc. develops and manufactures plastic injection molded gears including spur gears (internal and external), helical gears (single and double), worm gears, and screw/nut gears. The company produces gears to precision tolerances from prototype to high volume production runs.

    State: WI
  • InTech Power-Core

    In-Tech Power-Core's non-metallic plastic gears are used in demanding applications to reduce noise, gear shock, and vibration, and are available with outer diameters up to 36". Resistant to corrosion and chemicals, the gears are machined with high accuracy to AGMA Class 10, and can run without lubrication up to 1200 ft./minute.


    State: NJ
  • Moore Gear & Manufacturing Co

    Nylon and delrin gears produced by Moore Gear & Manufacturing Co. are used within the agricultural, industrial, machine tool, and commercial industries. The company's gear manufacturing equipment includes conventional hobbing equipment, CNC gear rack machines, and gear hobbers.

    State: MO
  • Jrlon Inc

    Jrlon Inc. manufactures precision industrial plastic gears including spur gears and helical gears with capacity of up to 36" pitch diameter and 2 diametrical pitch. The company also produces fine pitch gears with diameters from .250" and diametrical pitch range up to 120.

    State: NY
  • Miller Plastic Products, Inc.

    Miller Plastic Products Inc. machines Delrin and Acetal gears for continuous operating temperatures up to 185F. The gears are chemically resistant to neutral chemicals, hydrocarbons, and solvents.

    State: PA
  • OmniGear & Machine Co

    OmniGear & Machine Co. performs gear cutting of plastic metric gears and plastic spur gears. The plastic metric gears are available with capacities of .05 module to 24 module and up to 118" outer diameter. The plastic spur gears feature capacities of 80DP to 1 1/4 DP and up to 118" outer diameter.

    State: IL
  • Griffin Gear Inc

    Griffin Gear Inc. manufactures industrial replacement gears from celeron/phenolic and nylons/polymers. The gears range in size from 1/2" to 20 feet in diameter, and are available as helical, worm, herringbone, bevel, double helical, rack, sprocket, internal, and spline types.

    State: SC
  • STD Precision Gear & Instrument

    STD Precision Gear & Instrument's offers a number plastic precision gear types including: spur, helical, worm, anti-backlash, cluster, clutch, face, planetary, bevel, miter, metric, internal, and idler.

    State: MA
  • Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instruments

    Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instruments offers plastic gears available in brass insert, acetal - acetal, acetal - stainless steel hub, acetal rim - bakelite, aluminum core and nylon. The gears are available with several hub styles including fariloc, hubless, and pin hub. Gear types include bevel, spur, helical, worm, and internal.

    State: NY
  • Kleiss Gears Inc

    Kleiss Gears Inc. produces precision polymer gears that are a cost-effective alternative to traditional plastic gears. The company provides engineering, molding, tooling, and prototyping services.

    State: WI
  • ABA-PGT Inc

    ABA-PGT Inc. designs and engineers plastic gears found in a number of applications including electric motors, irrigation, medical and surgical instrument, OEM captive molders, HVAC, printers, construction, batteries, appliance and automotive.

    State: CT
  • Atlas Gear Co.

    Atlas Gear Co. manufactures plastic gears from nylon and Delrin. The gears can be produced in low or high volume, and in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 36" in diameter.

    Madison Heights
    State: MI
  • Metro Sprocket & Gear Inc

    Metro Sprocket & Gear Inc. engineers plastic gears from Delrin, nylon, phenolic, xylethon, and UHMW. The gears are used for printing and food processing applications.

    State: TX