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Planetary Gears

State: CA, MA, MI, NY, OK
  • Matex Products Inc

    Matex Products Inc. has a range of planetary gears in a torque range between 7 and 4783 lbs./inch with input connections in male/female spline/serration and D-cut, with output connections in female spline/serration. In addition, Matex offers joint shafts, output shafts, couplings and spacers.

    State: OH
  • Harmonic Drive LLC

    Harmonic Drive has a full line of planetary gears including ultra flat CSD/CSD-2UH/CSD-2UF in sizes 14-50; CSF-GH with zero backlash in sizes 14-65; HDI shaft mounted gear reducers in sizes 10-50; and SHG/SHF gearheads for high torque operations in sizes 14-65.

    State: MA
  • Sumitumo Drive Technologies

    Sumitumo Drive Technologies has precision planetary gearheads for mounting flexibility and easy installation/maintenance in servomotor systems. Planetary gearheads have low backlash, high peak torque capacity and high input speeds have multiple uses. Sumitumo planetary drives also have heat treated gears and lifetime lubrication means less maintenance/downtime.

    State: VA
  • TWG

    TWG has a large array of planetary gear drives in operating torque ranges between 15,000 lbs. (1,695 Nm) and 539,000 lbs. (60,899 Nm).

    State: OK
  • IMS Gear

    IMS Gear offers a 10,000 unique planetary gear combinations in diameter ranges of 22mm to 120mm, in materials ranging from full metal to metal/plastic composites.

    State: VA
  • Siemens

    Siemens distributes the Flender planetary gear series that can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications. Flender's planetary gear line has nearly 30 sizes, comprised of two to three planetary gear stages which can then be combined with several different primary gear stages, in either bevel or helical stages.

  • Summit Gearworks Inc

    Summit Gearworks has a suite of planetary gears for medium- to heavy-duty industrial gear systems. Summit is an ISO certified manufacturer, and also offers gear refurbishing to extend the life of your existing planetary gears.

  • Horburgh & Scott

    Horburgh & Scott have a range of planetary gears for use in the locomotive/transportation industry. They also offer customized solutions, as well as reverse engineering/upgrades.

    State: OH
  • Agro Engineers

    Agro Engineers offers four unique styles of planetary gear boxes: helical, low backlash, bevel and worm. Their planetary reduction gearbox is comprised of an internal toothed ring set to three planetary gears mounted on a planetary carrier and engaged to a Sun gear. Agro planetary gearboxes feature high-reduction ratios, high overload capacity, high-efficiency/power conserving operation and a space saving compact design.

  • Gudel, Inc.

    Guidel Inc. offers planetary gears with a weight- and space-saving drive train. Gudel planetary gear reducers feature integrated taper roller bearings, quick motor assembly and a two-stage differential drive gear, in ranges between 210Nm and 6000 Nm.