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Torque Limiting Clutches in Connecticut

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  • Nordex Incorporated

    Nordex Incorporated manufactures spring wrapped-type slip clutches for use in tension control and transmission overload protection. These torque limiting type clutches feature stainless steel construction with oil-impregnated bronze bearings, and torque of 9+/-1, 20+/-2, 48+/-5, 80+/-8, 120+/-12, 150+/-15, or 240+/-24.

    State: CT
  • High Precision Inc

    High Precision Inc. designs and manufactures friction torque limiters and detent torque limiters for industrial motion control applications. The friction torque limiters are available from in-oz to 200 ft/lbs. and offer smooth release motion and infinite start/stop positions. The detent torque limiters are available in torques up to 1,000 ft/lbs.

    State: CT
  • Accu-Clutch Company Inc

    Accu-Clutch Company Inc. manufactures magnetic particle clutches used in torque limiting shaft coupling applications. These torque limiting clutches are available in 0.62"-3" diameter sizes, and feature 0.01-75 in-lbs. or torque and an operating life up to 40,000 hours. The company also produces a line of .01-200 in-lbs. torque clutches for torque overload protection applications.

    State: CT
  • Carlyle Johnson Machine Co LLC

    Carlyle Johnson Machine Co LLC manufactures multiple disc mechanical torque limiters that feature torque from 1 lb.ft to 2,000 lb.ft and outer diameters of 2 3/16" to 8 5/8". The torque limiters are used in textile and paper mill applications.

    State: CT