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Pneumatic Clutches

State: CT, IL, KY, MN, OH
  • Mach III Clutches Inc

    Mac III features a variety of friction pneumatic clutches, including the through-shaft mount heavy duty, end-of-shaft spring engaged, SensiFlex tension control clutch in pilot, shaft and foot input. Pilot input has a linear torque response with air pressure and have an anti-rotation arm to prevent rotation of the air housing. Shaft inputs are designed for horizontal or vertical mounting, for projects needing the clutch to drive a pilot mounted pulley/sprocket/coupling when applied.

    State: KY
  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton has a wide range of clutch and brake combinations in constricting, expanding, oil, oil/air and air cooled models. Constricting clutches are in torque capacities from 1,160,000 to 15,189,000 lbs./in; expanding clutches are available in torque capacities between 98,580 and 1,010,000 lbs./in; Oil/oil & air clutches are available between 396 and 26,000 lbs./in.; and air cooled disc clutches are available in torque ranges between 386,630 and 2,061,000 lbs./in.

  • The Carlyle Johnson Machine Co Inc

    Carlyle has wide assortment of pneumatic clutches in multiple disc, multi disc spring set, single disc clutch and air/hydraulic jaw. Maxitorq multi disc clutches give the highest torque in the smallest space in wet and dry environments, in torques ranging from 30 to 12,000 lbs./ft. Maxitorq multi disc air/hydraulic spring set clutches have the same application as standard multi disc, but has a torque range from 15 to 1,000 lbs./in. Single disc air/hydraulic clutches have large friction areas and finned armatures for enhanced heat dispersal, and are available in pilot mount, sheave and coupling versions. Air/hydraulic jaw clutches are two directional and have 5 to 5,000 lbs./ft.

    State: CT
  • Applied Industrial Technologies

    Applied Industrial Technologies has a series of pneumatic clutch systems, in a range of pressure ratings, RPMs and static torques in open and closed designs, in different torque sizes.

    State: OH
  • Orttech

    Orttech has a wide variety of pneumatic systems in torque ranges from 20 to 100,000 Nm, in many different friction combinations including cast iron, steel/sinter, and organic/steel. In addition, Orttech carries a host of accessories for pneumatic clutches, including rotary inlets with/without valves, press safety valves and electric fans for extra cooling.

    State: OH
  • Polyclutch, Div. of A&A Manufacturing Co

    A&A Polyclutch is a distributor for the Slip Aire pneumatic clutches, systems, with variable torque and constant tension that's higher than mechanical slip clutches. Polyclutch also offers sealed ball bearings with some Slip Aire models.

    State: CT
  • MidWest Brake

    MidWest Brake has an assortment of pneumatic clutches, including Som Pac 1200, Press Pac 1600, Desch Lutex and Eaton Airflex. Som Pac is a pneumatic oil shear clutch system with torques ranging from 20 to 150,000 lbs./ft. Press Pac 1600 is a multi disc, oil cooled brake/clutch combo with a torque range of 5,000 to 120,000 lbs./in. Desch Lutex is a spring set clutch/brake combo designed for stamping/forging/metalforming presses and have a torque range of 184 to 85,000 lbs./ft. Eaton Airflex is a heavy duty clutch for heavy duty and industrial projects.

    State: MI
  • Matrix International USA

    Matrix International has a range of pneumatic clutch systems for shaft, pilot and flange mounting. The series 4H is a multi disc system for static or dynamic systems with an optional drive ring. Series 5H has tooth clutches for static or low sppeed engagement. Series 54H-P, 55H-P and the 55H-PSP have an integral double ring for pulley/sprocket attachments.

    State: IL
  • ProCal Inc

    ProCal has PCI pneumatic brakes for zone and zero-pressure conveyor systems, and systems under 100 RPMs. PCI pneumatic brakes feature high torque capacity, up to 6,300 in./lb.

    State: MI
  • Emporium Specialties Co Inc

    Emporium offers easily adjustable ES air pneumatic clutches in 2-, 4-, and 6-inch sizes, designed for grid/motor coil inding, tube cutting, drilling/tapping systems, wire drawing and test equipment.

    State: PA