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Pneumatic Brakes

State: KY, MN, OH, PA
  • Dover Flexo Electronics Inc

    Dover Flexo Electronics Inc. manufactures five series of dual disk pneumatic brakes that offer high performance in a torque ranges from 3 lb-inches to 17,990 lb-inches. Used for unwind applications, the brakes feature ductile iron disk construction and expanded disk surface for rapid heat dissipation. The brakes can also actuate one to ten cylinders.

    State: NH
  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton Corp. manufactures air-applied water-cooled brakes, pneumatic caliper disc brakes, spring-applied air-released brakes. The spring-applied brakes are drum style and used for moderate speed, high torque, cyclic applications. They feature static torque capacities up to 108,350 lb-in. The caliper disc brakes are used for stopping and light tensioning applications and feature frictional force capacities up to 5,300 lb-in.. Available in four different models, the water cooled brakes are used for high horsepower absorption, clutch and brake, dynamic tensioning, static holding, and emergency stopping applications.

  • Mach III Clutches Inc

    Pneumatic brakes designed and manufactured by Mach lll Clutches Inc. include air set friction brakes, NEMA frame spring set brakes, tension control brakes, and spring set brakes. The brakes feature torque @ 80 psi ranging from 148 lb-in. to 9673 lb-in., and are designed for horizontal or vertical mounting. Depending on type, the brakes are used for stopping, holding, cycling, and tension control applications.

    State: KY
  • The Carlyle Johnson Machine Co Inc

    Carlyle Johnson Machine Co. designs and develops multiple and single disc air brakes available as hydraulic and hydraulic spring set types, and with a torque range of 15 lb-ft. to 1,200 lb-ft. The company's multiple disc air brakes deliver more than ten times the torque of single disc air/hydraulic units. Hydraulic spring set brakes are used in parts handling and medical diagnostic equipment, power generation equipment, servo drives and robotic mechanisms, and mobile and military equipment. The single disc air brakes are available as three different versions: pilot mount, sheave, and coupling.

    State: CT
  • Hindon Corp

    Hindon Corp. designs pneumatically-released TPi drum brakes with external springs and a hydraulic cylinder. Depending on model, the fail-safe brakes feature a torque range of 50 Nm to 9400 Nm.

    State: SC
  • Tolomatic, Inc.

    Tolomatic Inc. offers single-acting and double-acting pneumatic caliper disc brakes with thicknesses of 1/4", 1/2", 3/8", and 5/32".

    State: MN
  • WC Branham

    WC Barnham manufactures pneumatic, double-acting caliper disc brakes available in 6-5/16", 8", 10" and 12" diameters. Available as fixed mount or floating mount types, the disc brakes feature thickness of 5/32", maximum pressure of 200 psi, and dynamic torque of 288 lbr per 100 psi.

    State: WI
  • Montalvo Corp

    Montalvo Corp. produces single disc air brakes for light duty tension control applications. Available in 100 mm and 130 mm sizes, the brakes offer multiple range control.

    State: ME
  • Applied Industrial Technologies

    Applied Industrial Technologies distributes pneumatic brakes manufactured by Nexen Group Inc. The company also distributes pneumatic clutch brakes and pneumatic clutches.

    State: OH
  • Maxcess International

    Maxcess International's MAGPOWR smart brakes feature a single rotor, dual flute, high output design for web and unwind applications. Brake features include automatic heat detection with integrated cooling and operating temperature range of 0C to 50C.

    State: WA
  • The Hillard Corp

    The Hillard Corp. manufactures direct-acting pneumatic brakes and and spring-applied, pneumatic-released brakes. The two brakes types are used for a number of applications including paper converting, wiremaking machines, marine propulsion, steel process lines, mining machinery, hoists, railcars, and wind turbines.

    State: NY
  • The Rowland Co

    The Rowland Co. distributes air-operated disc brakes, constricting brakes, expanding brakes, caliper disc brakes, tension brakes, and electric brakes. The various brakes are used in a number of applications including: can presses, hoists, winches, marine propulsion, pumps, conveyors, bucket elevators, forging presses, car shredders, press brakes, shears, slitters, grinding mills, wind/unwind stands, paper dryers, rolling mills, turbines, and dredges.

    State: PA
  • MidWest Brake

    MidWest Brake distributes Som Pac, Press Pac, Desch Lutex, and Eaton Airflex-brand pneumatic clutches and brakes. Intended primarily for heavy-duty industrial applications the various brakes feature a torque range of 20 lb.-ft to 150,000 lb.-ft.

    State: MI
  • Torque Technologies Inc - Goizper USA

    Torque Technologies Inc. distributes Goizper USA-brand pneumatic brakes, pneumatic servo brakes, and pneumatic safety brakes. The various brakes are used for metalforming press, stamping press, die cutter, shear, header, compacting press, can bodymaker, can end press, lamination press, and forging press applications.

    State: FL
  • Inter-Mec Systems Manufacturing Inc

    Pneumatic clutch brakes produced by Inter-Mec Systems Manufacturing Inc. feature clutch and brake torque of 1,000 lb.-in at 100 psi. Intended for general industrial applications, the brakes are designed to be used for any manual, cam or electrically actuated 1/4" 4-way valve.

    State: NY