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Hydraulic Clutches

State: OH, PA
  • PT Tech Inc

    PT Tech offers both wet and dry hydraulic clutches with microprocessor controls. Dry diesel clutches are available in both transverse and direct drive types and are available in 80-140, 140-250 and 250-460 rated horsepower. Wet diesel clutches are available in transverse, transverse w/short shaft, direct, and direct with short shaft drive types and are available in the same horsepower rating brackets as the dry clutches.

    State: OH
  • The Carlyle Johnson Machine Co Inc

    Carlyle Johnson has a variety of hydraulic actuated clutches, including single disc, hydraulic/air jaw and multiple disc. Hydraulic jaw clutches have continuous bi-directional rotor connections with prolonged engagement and drag-free neutral settings. It is also available as a spring set pneumatic release, and has a wide range of tooth settings, with torques ranging from 5 to 5,000 lbs./ft.

    State: CT
  • The Rowland Co

    Rowland distributes a variety of hydraulic clutches and clutch/brake combinations. Disc clutches are available in sizes between 3,950 in./lb to 8,925,000 in./lb; PTO clutches are actuated via mechanical arm, and are available in a wide range of bell housings and engine sizes; and caliper brakes are available in braking torques between 3.69 and 400,000 ft./lbs.

    State: PA
  • H.R. Clutches

    H. R. Clutch has a flywheel shim hydraulic clutch for added torque and power, as well as high rotational speeds, smoother engagement and more pressure than standard clutches.

    State: PA
  • Torque Technologies Inc - GOIZPER USA

    Goziper has a line of hydraulic clutch/brake combinations for metal embossing, forming and stamping, die cutting and car fabrication. Goziper hydraulic clutch/brakes can also be used in safety systems for machining tools and servo presses.

    State: FL