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Hydraulic Brakes

State: MN, OH, PA
  • Tolomatic, Inc.

    Tolomatic Inc. produces hydraulic caliper disc brakes available as single-acting or double-acting types. Some of the single acting types are available with floating bracket. The company also offers a line of hydraulic/mechanical caliper disc brakes rated for a maximum hydraulic pressure of 1000 psi or 2000 psi. Featuring Buna-N seals as standard, the brakes are also rated for a maximum mechanical pressure of 200 lbs.

    State: MN
  • Hindon Corp

    Hindon Corp. engineers a line of fail-safe, hydraulically-released disc brakes including compact caliper disc brakes, fixed caliper disc brakes, drum brakes, and floating caliper disc brakes. The hydraulically-released drum brakes are available with requested pressure of 6 bar to 70 bar, and torque range of 50 Nm to 9400 Nm.

    State: SC
  • PT Tech Inc

    PT Tech Inc. offers A+ hydraulic brakes for mining equipment, custom hydraulic brakes, and Smart down hill hydraulic conveyor brakes. The mining equipment brakes feature parking brake torque of 13000 lb.-in and maximum service brake pressure of 1400 psi. The custom hydraulic brakes are designed for mining equipment and other OEMs, while the down hill conveyor brakes utilize wet brake and caliper disc brake designs.

    State: OH
  • The Carlyle Johnson Machine Co Inc

    The Carlyle Johnson Machine Co. manufactures single disc and multiple disc hydraulic brakes with torque ranges of 30 lb.-ft - 1,200 lb.ft. and 15 lb-ft. - 1000 lb.ft.. The brakes feature long life floating discs for low heat and extremely low neutral drag, and for wet or dry applications. Available with optional cover for harsh environments, the brakes feature spring or air actuation. The single disc brakes are available in three versions - pilot mount, coupling, and sheave.

    State: CT
  • WC Branham

    WC Branham distributes hydraulic single-acting and double-acting caliper disc brakes sizes for 5/32" thick brake discs. Constructed of aluminum, the brakes feature parking/static torque of 144 lbf. per 100 psi x braking radius and Buna-N seals. The brakes are fixed mounted and utilize a floating disc.

    State: WI
  • The Rowland Co

    Hydraulically-actuated brakes distributed by Rowland Co. include disc brakes, constricting brakes, expanding brakes, caliper disc brakes, and tension brakes. The hydraulic disc brakes are available in sizes from 3,950 in-lbs. to 8,925,000 in-lbs, while the hydraulic caliper disc brakes are available with braking torques up to 400,000 ft-lbs.

    State: PA
  • Betenbender Manufacturing Inc

    Betenbender Manufacturing Inc. produces hydraulic press brakes ranging in size from 17-ton to 350-ton models. The press brakes are operated via a multi-switch control panel or 3-position fully-guarded foot switch. The brakes' control systems operates at 110/120 volt.

    State: IA
  • Sterling Machinery Exchange

    Sterling Machinery Exchange distributes hydraulic press brakes manufactured by Roto-Die, Di-Acro, Wysong, Chicago, Pacific, Allsteel, Cincinnati, Delaurice, and Niagara.

    State: CA
  • Chicago Dreis & Krump Manufacturing Co

    Hydraulic press brakes produced by Chicago Dreis & Krump feature advance speed of 240 IPM, press speed of 24 IPM, and return speed of 140 IPM. The press brakes are available with 3 HP to 25 HP power, and a tonnage indicator with adjustable load control.

    State: IL
  • RR USA Inc

    RR USA Inc. supplies hydraulic braking systems and components including braking systems for farming trailers and tractors, and the SAFIM S6 single braking element, braking systems The SAFIM S6 braking system features braking pressure from 0 to 170 bar. This system is used for medium to large size construction vehicles with one to four braking circuits. Vehicles include: front loader, dumpers, forklifts, truck-mounted cranes, cement mixers, excavators, and road rollers.

    State: PA