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Variable Speed Belts

State: MI, MO, TX, WI
  • 1st Choice Industrial

    1st Choice Industrial offers variable speed belts in over 30 configurations. These belts are capable of extreme crosswise rigidity,lengthwise flexibility, precise speed control, wide thicknesses, and a variety of speed ratios.

    State: CA
  • Brance-Krachy Co., Inc.

    Brance-Krachy Co., Inc. offers variable speed belts in over 40 configurations. These belts are ideally used with variable speed pulleys to perform a variety of driven speeds.

    State: TX
  • Carlisle Power Transmission Products

    Carlisle Power Transmission Products offers variable speed belts for OEM speed drive applications. These belts are constructed from Dayflex stretch tension fabric, high-modulus cords, and a loaded neoprene Stiflex exterior. They come in lengths ranging from 26" to 170" and widths ranging from 1,228" to 6,136".

    State: MO
  • Michigan Industrial Belting Inc

    Michigan Industrial Belting, Inc. offers variable speed belts in a variety of configurations, for variable speed sheave drive applications. These belts come in top widths ranging from 3/4" to 3-7/8" and lengths ranging from 26.1 to 133.5. They are capable of a wide range of speed changes, precise speed control, and excellent crosswise rigidity capabilities.

    State: MI
  • Gates Corp

    Gates Corp offers multi-speed belts in a variety of configurations. These belts come in widths that are larger than their thicknesses, they feature a notched/cogged underside, and a wide range of speed ratios.

    State: CO
  • Hi-Lo Manufacturing

    Hi-Lo Manufacturing offers variable speed belts. These belts are capable of static dissipation, oil/heat resistance, dimensional length stability, long service lives, and exceptional crosswise rigidity. They feature an arched construction, synthetic rubber compounds, synthetic fiber tension cords, and conductive electrical materials.

    State: MN
  • Quality Power Products

    Quality Power Products offers variable speed belts for agricultural and industrial applications. These belts are produced from high quality materials, and they are capable of transmitting large loads over a narrow range of speed. They feature a Kevlar fiber reinforced construction, Kevlar heavy gauge tensile members, cogs on the OD and ID, ASAE specification compliance, and dust/oil resistance.

    State: MS
  • Katom Restaurant Supply

    Katom Restaurant Supply offers variable speed conveyor oven belts for a variety of sandwich warming applications, including: supermarkets, schools, delis, C-stores, cafeterias, ice-cream shops, food courts, sandwich shops, etc. These belts are capable of controlling the bottom and top heat levels, which contributes to flexibility for a wide range of menu items.

    State: TN
  • Speed Selector, Inc

    Speed Selector, Inc. offers variable speed belts composed of rubber and synthetic fiber compounds. These belts are long-living, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, and shock-load resistant. They are capable of achieving horsepower ratings in excess of 100 HP.

    State: OH
  • VBelts4Less, division of Belarus Tractor Int.

    VBelts4Less supplies drive belts to agricultural & industrial markets including variable speed v-belts. These variable speed belts are oil & heat resistant and built to withstand wear & tear. Sizes ranges from 7/8" to 3".

    State: WI